Bill Ritchie, President, of Tempus Institute, is certified by Dr. Rajan Suri, founder of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) to use his original materials in QRM training. This training can be offered at your site for your employees, suppliers, or customers and be customized to suit your particular needs and operations focus.

Tempus Institute can offer its exclusive Office Game to help illustrate how the principles of QRM are applicable throughout the Enterprise, particularly in up-front operations. This game demonstrates how QRM can even apply to non-manufacturing businesses.

On-site training can mean a significant savings in money and time to an enterprise compared to sending employees off to another location. Contact us for more information on how we can help transform your business through training your people in the strategy of time.


Tempus Institute provides an assessment of your operations to determine how to best proceed in applying QRM to your business. The assessment is a comprehensive review that usually takes two to three days, resulting in a rough-cut MCT (Manufacturing Critical-Path Time, the metric of QRM), first pass FTMS (Focused Target Market Segment – technique for determining cell creation), and an action plan for subsequent steps.

This powerful engagement can help assure that your implementation has the best chance for success while saving steps in getting started.


Tempus Institute can help your business develop its Strategy of Time through QRM and then set up the structure for its development. This is vital to assure that the first project is successful from the start and the process for sustaining QRM is in place.


Over the years, a number of company leaders have determined that they want to make QRM their overarching strategy and create their future, not watch it evolve. They turned to Tempus
Institute to help develop that strategy, create the leadership structure, provide company-wide training, and create a plan to sustain its success.

This program typically takes 6 to 12 months to assure that the transformation is in place and making a difference. Let us know if you would like to explore this kind of program in your company.

Tempus Est Pecuniam Multam (Time is a lot of Money)
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