About Us

Bill Ritchie
Bill Ritchie started Customer Chain Consulting LLC in 2007 to help manufacturing companies benefit from Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM).  Since that time he has worked with companies of all sizes to understand the need for an operations strategy and launch lead time reduction programs with QRM.  Bill is a certified trainer in Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and is actively involved withthe Center for QRM at the University of Wisconsin.  Prior to becoming a consultant, Bill was General Manager, Vice President of Operations, and Plant Manager for several industrial businesses including Boston Gear, Cone Drive Textron, and Union Pump Textron, where he was named Six Sigma Champion of the Year for the Industrial Group.

​He founded Tempus Institute in 2012 to provide training, a certificate program, and support for Quick Response Manufacturing.   He has spoken to groups throughout the U.S. and in Europe and is known as an enthusiastic and effective speaker who draws on his extensive experiences to illustrate his message.  He holds an MBA and a BA and MS in economics and has completed executive programs at Wharton, the University of Chicago, and with the Harvard Business School faculty. 

In addition, Bill was trained in Quality Transformations by Edwards Demingand Constraint Theory by Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal. Bill is certified in Change Management by Prosci to help organizations identify the key leadership factors needed to successfully implement and sustain their Lead Time Reduction programs.